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Diligentia Tax Defense


What We Can Do For You

The IRS has professionals working for them and so should you.


Diligentia Tax Defense operates by a strict set of core values comprised of straight talk, ethical professional conduct and personal integrity when working with our clients and in front of tax collecting authorities. Its our sole mission to achieve the best possible personalized resolution for each client. 


DTD provides best in class consultation, detailed case analysis and representation services.  Our process starts with a comprehensive case consultation, thorough analysis and recommended resolution. We leverage and employ significant internal IRS experience to provide exceptional value and results.  Each case is different requiring a customized resolution strategy for our clients.  


Upon the successful closure  of each case our clients will have established IRS compliance and achieved the best resolution possible providing certainty and peace of mind allowing our clients to move forward confidently with their personal and business lives.

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Securing representation from Diligentia Tax Defense removes the anxiety, stress and uncertainty when undergoing the complex IRS collections process providing clients with peace of mind knowing that their case will receive the best outcome possible. Once resolution is reached clients are free to move forward and focus on their personal and business lives with newfound certainty.  

Falling behind on your taxes can be one of the most stressful events of your life but ignoring the issue hoping it magically resolves itself will only ensure your balances rise and you suffer from continued stress and worry potentially harming your health both physically and financially.  For whatever reason your back taxes arose whether its IRS automated substitute for returns and or you simply could not pay your balances at the time the tax was due DTD can enter into the collection process and ensure a smooth transition into compliance and a clear path forward which should eliminate your stress and worry providing you with much needed clarity and peace of mind moving forward. 

DTD will evaluate ALL penalties and determine if they are eligible to be reduced or removed. Believe it or not the IRS makes mistakes and unless their actions are reviewed and mistakes identified they often go unchallenged.  

We will aggressively protect your rights when tax authorities seek to seize your assets which can include bank levies, wage levies and seizure of real or personal property.

If you face a tax debt because your spouse(ex-spouse) failed to properly file personal or business income tax returns, or failed to properly declare income or deductions, you may be entitled to relief from tax liability as an innocent spouse. You need an experienced professional to review your case and help you take the steps necessary to protect your rights. 

We will also handle situations where tax authorities place a lien on real or personal property in an attempt to levy or seize the asset.  

In appropriate situations, we will attempt to negotiate the payment of the tax debt over a period of time. We may be able to secure a “part-pay” agreement, whereby you make monthly installment payments through the period of the statute of limitations for collections, but end up paying some amount less than the full amount.  

We protect the rights of individuals and business owners in disputes involving business-related taxes, such as employee withholding, FICA, Social Security and sales taxes. Pyramiding FTD’s are the first sign an entity is under-capitalized and no longer viable.  This puts not only your business at risk but also your personal assets. If you have been contacted by an IRS Revenue Officer regarding the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty its vital you contact DTD to discuss your case immediately as these cases have been given the highest priority for potential civil and criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice. 

We will act as your advocate to persuade the government to settle the tax debt for less than the full amount owed, commonly referred to as an offer in compromise. We may argue that the amount of the tax debt is not correct, that you lack the resources to pay the amount in full, or that there are other mitigating circumstances. 

While there are similarities between the IRS and State tax collections, they often operate quite differently than the IRS. State taxing authorities also differ from the IRS as they are usually faster to collect on back taxes, and can be more aggressive in their collection efforts, issuing bank and wage levies, filing tax liens, revoking state licensing, and seizing assets. This is because states are solely dependent on tax revenue to operate their annual budget. 


Clint Phillips founded Diligentia Tax Defense after ten years serving as an enforcement focused Revenue Officer with the IRS. Over the course of his career, he successfully closed thousands of cases comprising various levels of technical complexity while also training new Revenue Officers. Throughout his career he observed a clear need for more effective representation as he counted on one hand the number of representatives who were truly effective negotiating a resolution that was in the best interest of taxpayers. It was with this understanding that he took the leap and founded Diligentia Tax Defense with a mission to provide the most effective tax debt and negotiation service available in the industry while also implementing a value system compromised of straight talk, integrity, and ethical conduct with all clients.  

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